BSCL are a specialist provider of O-rings, oil seals, springs, nuts, bolts and washers and bespoke turned parts

More than just seals

Welcome to the BSCL. We are a specialist provider of O-rings, hydraulic seals, gaskets, fasteners and turned parts with over six decades’ combined experience responding to the needs of a broad range of industries.

How we can help your business:

At BSCL, quality and service is our way of life. We aim to respond to the needs of your business and provide the sealing solutions you need to get the job done. To accomplish this, we offer a far-reaching selection of carefully manufactured products and a fast global shipping service.

These products include a full range of oil seals, O-rings, springs, nuts, bolts and associated products – as well as bespoke fittings for specific industries. We can accommodate orders ranging from just a handful of units right up to bulk ongoing orders, and count among our valued clients companies of all different sizes and specialities.

Our latest articles

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How do Rubber O-Rings Seal Components? O-rings and rubber O-rings are employed where the pressure differential between the components of the system are static and/or the pressure differential between components is considerably less than that produced in hydraulic systems. The size of a rubber O-ring… Read more »

Why Choose BSCL?!

Choosing a suitable supplier – Why choose BSCL?   Rubber o rings are used in a broad range of applications and are amongst the most common types of seals used in a range of applications such as machine design. In order to ensure that you… Read more »

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