BSCL Easter News

Happy Easter from everyone at BSCL! As Easter is fast approaching, BSCL are giving away a bundle of goodies for the customer with the best Easter message! For a chance of winning our eggcellent prize, send us your best Easter message along with your order! To stand out you will need to make your message as funny and as eggstravagant as you can! A member of our Sales Team will pick the winner and this will be featured on our website. So if you’re a fan of chocs then get your message sent over along with your next order!     Easter closing times! BSCL will be… Read more »

Addressing and Fixing Hydraulic Oil Leaks

A constant cost of operating any type of hydraulic equipment is the purchase of replacement fluid. And this cost can really add up over time. Although the integrity of hydraulic seals can sometimes be to blame for leakage, the reliability of any hydraulic system is due to more than one factor. The Downtime Downside A lot of leaky hydraulic equipment goes unrepaired because of the large amount of downtime that’s usually required for fixing. As a result, oftentimes leakage is allowed to continue until the cost of replacement oil becomes enough of a cost to justify the cost of repair and downtime. However, there are… Read more »

How to Avoid Overheating in Hydraulic Systems

On the list of the most common causes of hydraulic equipment failure, overheating ranks at number two. Unfortunately, the general understanding about how to identify and address overheating issues is all too often misunderstood. Overheating’s main cause is the general inefficiency of the system. Any inefficiency will cause input power to be lost. These losses undergo a conversion to heat, which is important, as the total power lost is equal to a system’s heat load. If heat dissipates at a rate that’s less than the total input power lost, overheating will eventually occur. Target Temperature for Seal Damage The compounds that hydraulic seals and o-rings… Read more »