The Top 10 Industries to Use Hydraulic Seals


Hydraulic seals are used in a variety of industries and applications and BSCL happen to supply these parts to companies all across the globe.
The primary reason for an industrial seal is to seal the opening between a static and rotating component. The use of high-performance seals is crucial for improving equipment efficiency and longevity, so contact our team for more info!


The following is a list of the Top 10 Industries Using Hydraulic Seals.


  1. Textile Manufacturers: Textile machinery commonly uses shaft seals, mechanical seals and spring energised Teflon seals. In order to cope with compact spinning, high pressure and the constant rotation of the various air rams, a seal with high-performance polymer is needed.


  1. Printers: The fast-paced printing and publication industry demands superior performance and benefits greatly from the use of machine parts manufactured with high-performance polyurethanes and rubber materials engineered to deliver optimum results in high output environments.


  1. The construction industry: Earth-movers, backhoes, loaders, bulldozers and excavators require high-performance oil seals and hydraulic seal kits. In fact, the mining and construction industry is the heaviest user of hydraulic seals.


  1. Tool & Die: In a die cast environment, molten metal is forced, using high pressure, into a mould cavity. There are two primary equipment types used for die casting; cold chamber and hot chamber die casting. In this type of scenario, hydraulic or mechanical pistons may come into contact with fireproof fluids so it is crucial to verify fluid compatibility of the polymers.


  1. Concrete Pumping: The designers of concrete pumps are met with several unique challenges as concrete is a hefty and viscous substance that often contains pieces of hard rock and will solidify if it is not kept moving. One of the most common causes of blockages is a result of improper pump system setup and requires specialised sealing and proper guide element replacements if the seals are replaced.


  1. Coal Mining: Underground mining machinery requires the extensive use of hydraulics. It is essential for safety and production reasons to use high performance parts in order to not only minimise downtime but to also ensure that machinery continues to operate as it is intended and does not result in potentially disastrous safety risks for operators. High-pressure materials offer superior performance for seals and wipers.


  1. The Cheese-making Industry: Pneumatic seals, spring energised seals, wipers and guide rings are commonly used on packaging and manufacturing machines in this industry. High-pressure nitrile rubber is often recommended.


  1. Automobile Manufacturing: Nearly every vehicle assembly plant in the world uses pneumatic rams on assembly jigs. Engineers have a preference for pneumatics since they are cleaner and quieter. Sound absorbing materials, such as rubber and polyurethane, have been proven effective when used to achieve significant compressed air savings.


  1. Amusement Parks and Fairs: New York`s famous Coney Island sees 15 million fair-goers each year, that is more than 41,000 visitors each and every day. Imagine how many dissatisfied people and how much revenue would be lost if a ride broke down. In a situation that sees a seal fail in the breaking system of an amusement ride, brake fluid can leak all over the place, resulting in shutdowns. Amusement park rides require the use of specially designed equipment and will benefit greatly from the use of low friction seals and wipers made from rubber or polyurethane.


  1. Agriculture and Farming: The agriculture and farming industry is one of the most demanding in the world. In order to meet the high demands of a busy harvest season, it is crucial that farm machinery always performs at its best. It should also be taken into consideration that farming machinery is constantly plagued with UV exposure, rapidly changing weather conditions and other external contamination factors. The use of high-performance seals is essential for keeping costs low and ensuring high rates of productivity.



Never underestimate the significant importance of such a humble and simple machine component. BSCL supply these to a very wide range of industries, in many countries across the world. YOU could be our next customer! Click our link below to view our Hydraulic Seals on our website or call our team on 01922 646 716.