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O-rings are one of the most commonly used and most important components in machines utilised across a wide variety of different industries and we happen to be one of the UK’s leading providers of them, we can accommodate bespoke orders to suit the machinery you use in your line of work.


Rotary Shaft Seals are an essential component of any machine that utilises rotary shaft equipment. Thus, various types of industrial seal have been developed to protect rotary shafts and their bearings, reducing the number of machine faults and extending the life of manufacturing equipment. Contact us now and we can supply you with exactly what you need!


Hydraulic Seals refer to any type of seal used in a fluid system. They are available in many different sizes and materials, often custom-designed to fit a particular appliance. We stock a range of durable and hard-working hydraulic seals for use across a range of industries. At BSCL our specialists can help talk you through the ordering process and set you up with a hydraulic seal that suits your needs.


Hose and Fittings at BSCL, we offer businesses in a wide range of industries a market-leading selection of hydraulic hose and fittings. We are committed to developing long-term working relationships with all our customers and guarantee the highest standards of customer service and quality products.


At BSCL, we are so much more than just seals. Quality and service is our way of life. We aim to respond to the needs of your business and provide the sealing solutions you need to get the job done. To accomplish this, we offer a far-reaching selection of carefully manufactured products and a fast global shipping service.

These products include a full range of oil seals, O-rings, springs, nuts, bolts and associated products – as well as bespoke fittings for specific industries. We can accommodate orders ranging from just a handful of units right up to bulk ongoing orders, and count among our valued clients companies of all different sizes and specialities.



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