At BSCL, we supply an extensive array of gaskets constructed from multiple different materials and in a variety of finishes.

Available materials

We can provide washers to suit almost every purpose. The materials we keep in stock include; PTFE washers, vulcanised fibre washers, leather washers, polyethene washers, rubber washers, EPDM washers, foam washers, silicone washers, Novus washers, Viton washers, neoprene washers, non-asbestos washers, felt washers, nitrile washers, nylon washers, cork washers, self-adhesive backed sponge washers, Klingersil washers and acetal washers, to name just a few.

Aluminium Felt Nylon Rubber
Brass Fibreboard Nylatron Sentinel
Butyl Gasket Paper Phosphur Bronze Silicone
Ceramic Fibre Lead Polyester Sponge
C.N.A.F. Leather Polypropylene S.R.B.F.
Copper Melinex Polythene Stainless Steel
Cork Mild Steel Polyurethane Vulcanised Fibre
Delrin (Acetal) Millboard Presspahn
Elephantide Neoprene P.T.F.E.
E.P.D.M. Nitrile P.V.C.

*Many materials can be offered with self-adhesive backing

Bespoke Orders

We stock sheets of nearly 40 commonly used materials that can be fashioned into washers, gaskets or seals of any size or thickness. This is especially useful when sourcing washers and gaskets for tailor-made machinery. Our team can cut your washers to your specification or, alternatively, can replicate a washer from an existing appliance.
Please look through the chart above to see what materials are currently available.