Keeping on top of stock control for O-rings, seals and other components can be an expensive and time-consuming process. At BSCL, we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything associated with O-rings and associated products.

Our V.M.I radically streamlines this process for you by automating and managing your supply of seals, leaving you free to get on with your business.

A Bespoke V.M.I Service

Our V.M.I is custom built to closely match the precise needs of your business. We recognise that no two businesses are alike and that your company will require a tailor-made system. Your account manager will work with you to establish a responsive managed system that grows and changes in line with your firm’s needs.

Although no two V.M.I systems are the same, they all comply with four central service principles:

  1. The best products for the job, at the highest quality available
  2. Timely delivery on all orders
  3. Friendly technical support whenever you need it
  4. A unique, personalised system that matches your current operations and is designed to lower your overall ordering costs.

The Advantages to your Business

Our BSCL V.M.I system offers significant advantages to companies operating in the manufacturing, hydraulics, pharmaceutical and plumbing industries.

  1. We REDUCE: inventory costs, admin costs, product handling, missed deadlines
  2. We ELIMINATE: stock-outs, emergency ordering, the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers
  3. We INCREASE: productivity, efficiency, accurate data retrieval, time available to spend on core business functions

How it Works

Our V.M.I System is simple to set up and once installed requires minimal operational input. This is how the process will work.

  1. Our logistics team will conduct a site visit to your place of work to ascertain your requirements. Based on this meeting we will draw up an initial plan to cover quality requirements, order volumes, operational pattern, stock location, how often you require new stock, bin quantities and so on. This plan will form the basis of your managed system and will be subject to regular review as the circumstances of your business change.
  2. Will show you a final draft of our proposed plan for review by your business decision-makers. At this stage, we can make amends, revisions and any other changes that are required.
  3. We will install racking and bins at all your required locations.
  4. Initial sample inspection reports are issued to you for all parts supplied
  5. A BSCL representative will regularly check the bins at the agreed intervals and replenish the stock as required. Usage review reports are available on request, and all stock comes with full traceability.
  6. Every few months we will arrange a review meeting with a representative of your company so we can keep up-to-date with your stock control needs at different times of the year.

Find out More

Watch our short demonstration video to find out more about how our managed system can add value to your business while streamlining your stock control process.

To chat with one of our sales team about the advantages our managed system can provide you, or for a free no obligation quote, please send us a message through our enquiries form or give our team a call today on 01922 646 716.