Birmingham Seals are distributors for Loctite & RiteLok products.

We offer flexible order quantities from 1 bottle to standard pack sizes. We can produce labels with your own details or part numbers using your own artwork that meets the legal requirements for the products.

We can provide assistance with any dispensing requirements from one drop to a continuous feed.

We only supply quality products that meet the highest standards that are required in this business sector and our manufacturers have years experience, and technical back up to answer any questions you the customer may have.

Fast Product Ranges

  1. Thread Locking – Screwlock, Nutlock, Studlock we have a complete range of Threadlockers to suit every application.
  2. Retaining range – Anaerobic retainers are covered by six grades of various strength & viscosities.
  3. Gasketing range – High strength, flexible & general purpose anaerobic gasket makers are available.
  4. Sealing range – A comprehensive range of Hydraulic & pipe sealants available.

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