Keep in a cool dry place.

Splicing kit for on the job repairs with rapid set adhesive. This Splicing Kit will enable you to construct rings to your custom requirements. There are no special skills required – just follow instructions. This kit contains everything you need to produce a perfect O`Ring.


One razor blade, one splicing and cutting tool, one adhesive for rubber use and popular size of O`Ring cord for below two different kits.

Kits available:
(see contents list)
Kit S –  11 Size Splicing Kit
Kit SL – 16 Size Splicing Kit
Contents List SPLICING KIT llsize
2M C0178 1/16 nom
C0262 3/32 nom
C0350 1/8 nom
C0533 3/16 nom
C0699 1/4 nom
2M CO160 1.6mm
C0200 2.0mm
C0300 3.0mm
C0400 4.0mm
C0500 5.0mm
C0570 5.7mm
LF600 (5g glue)
+ these for the 16 size kit
2m CO150 1.5mm
C0240 2.4mm
C0250 2.5mm
C0350 3.5mm
C0840 8.4mm

1.How to cut cord

If the O`Ring diameter is known just multiply by 3.14 to obtain the length. If the diameter is not known then place the cord in the O`Ring groove or around the shaft at the seal location and mark off the cord. Add ½” and cut off. Mark the final cut by inserting cord into cut cutting and splicing tool.

2.How to apply adhesive

Remove the cap and flick the end of the tube with your finger to remove the liquid from the tip. Make a small hole in the tip with the pin. Apply the adhesive to only one of the surfaces to be bonded. See that the tip actually contacts the surface. Only a fraction of a drop is required. Caution: more adhesive will make a poor bond.

3. Joining the ends

For proper aligning quickly place the treated surface into the correct “U” groove on the open side of the jig. Insert the untreated end into the “U” groove and slide it towards to meet the treated surface. Make firm contact and hold in position for one half minute with slight finger pressure. Caution: be certain, not twist cord material before bonding.