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Bonded Washers

At BSCL, we stock an extensive range of bonded washers to fit a wide variety of appliances and specialised machinery. Bonded washers are used in many different applications, ranging from drilling equipment to navigational aids.

What are bonded washers?

Bonded washers combine a rubber seal, pressure bonded to the inside of a metallic washer. The most commonly used material is zinc plated steel, although we can source other varieties. Bonded washers are extremely watertight and thus are frequently used to create leak-proof seals in hydraulic systems.

Advantages of BSCL bonded washers

  • We provide bonded washers suitable for all different applications, and for contact with different liquids, including corrosive fluids.
  • Components suitable for use with diesel and low octane fuels
  • Continuous operating efficiency across an extensive temperature range (approximately minus 29°C to plus 120°C).
  • Extremely durable and proven to reduce bolting torque, thus reducing wear and tear and the associated maintenance costs.
  • The best means of face sealing at both high and low pressures
  • No groove cutting or special machinery required
  • Components can be reused when remaking joints

BSCL also carry an extensive range of bonded seals or dowty washers.

TYPES & STANDARDS – Self-Centralising Bonded Seals, Standard Bonded Seals. British Imperial, German metric (ISO R261 BS3643), French metric range (ISO R261 BS3643), CETOP Range (ISO 1179:1973).

MATERIALS – Rubber membrane - Nitrile (NBR), Fluorocarbon (FPM), EPDM & Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)


MATERIALS – Metal Washer – Mild Steel (Zinc plated, Clear or Gold passivate) Stainless Steel & Aluminum

BRAND NAMES – Trelleborg(DOWTY), Busak, Parmargan

KITS – For more information on these and our extensive range of other kits, please visit our Kits Section

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We can accommodate orders ranging from a few units to bulk orders of many thousands of washers. For a competitive, no obligation quote on bonded washers or to discuss what product you need to suit your appliance, please call our sales team today. Alternatively, send us a message through our online enquiries form and one of our advisers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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